Lotto Guy Lottery System Proven Lottery Results

No other lottery system even comes close to the outstanding winning results the Lotto Guy Lottery System formula can produce. If you play the lottery, this lottery system is a verified true winning system. It really does give proven lottery winning results! This is not just an opinion, there is solid proof this system is very worthwhile to use. Many lottery winners do in fact use it and have posted positive Lotto Guy Lottery System Reviews.

Forget about silly lottery systems that make ridiculous big winning claims such as 47% to 98% win rates. This is simply not the truth. Systems such as The Lotto Black Book (now vanished as was a scam), Lottery Circle Software ( caught using false name and false advertising). Also Silver Lotto System (Labeled Shady System), Lotto Master Formula, Lottery Crusher (false advertising). Also Mark Bower Lottery System (now vanished as was a scam), Beat The Lotto, Lotto Cash Machine, Formula 1 Lotto System (Using fake names etc), Win Lotto Systems (banned from clickbank for shady activity). Plus many, many others are simply fake!

These types of lotto systems are generally sold by plain old marketers. Through places such as Click Bank, JVZoo etc. This is so they can have affiliates sell their systems for commissions, which earns them sales profits as well. This is really how they make fast cash, not by winning any lotteries. They do not do as they advertise. It is just a marketing scheme to put fast cash in their pockets from you!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Is A No Nonsense Formula

Now that we have weeded out a few of the silly lotto systems. The Lottery systems that I and many others recommend according to a recent poll vote taken is the Lotto Guy Lottery System. The Lotto Guy Lottery System is an outstanding system. It was voted best lottery winning system out of many so-called top systems. Which is very solid proof of a legit winning system.

You will not find this real winning system selling through places that allow affiliates to sell for commissions. No, this system does not need that type of nonsense, it really wins lottery games. When you see a Lotto Guy Lottery System Review that states the system is a good system to use. You know they are for real as no affiliates are promoting the system. So no need to lie you see? As is the case with many other systems on the market.

To back up what I am telling you about the Lotto Guy Lottery System. Being a top real legit winning system. Just take a peak at the latest poll results showing which lottery systems real winners voted as best to use.

Lotto Guy Lottery System Received The Highest Votes

Poll results do not lie. The system that received the highest votes was in fact the Lotto Guy Lottery System. Will you win the jackpot using this superior system? Most likely not as the odds are very high to win any lottery jackpot. But of course your odds to win will increase, so it is possible. Will you win smaller to medium lottery winning number winnings? Yes most likely as this is what this Lotto Guy Lottery System is highly known for. The system seriously increases your chances to hit the smaller to medium wins. Do not forget these wins can add up fast to substantial winnings for you.

If you are going to play the lottery, it is a very wise decision to play smarter. Which of course is to use a proven winning strategy such as a top winning lottery system. The recommendation is, use the best winning lottery system you can get. This should be first on your list of improving your odds to win the lottery.

As you see by the proof presented. The top winning system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System. The next best winning system which is completely a different system. Is Smart Play Lotto Wheels, which is certainly a very good system to consider as well. Also the Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels System can in fact be used together if desired. Which will only boost your win rates even higher. That is the real scoop on lottery systems. The rest is up to you to decide what is best to use for you.

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Silver Lotto System or Lotto Guy Lotto System Test Results

Here is an excellent lottery system review or test between two well-known lottery systems. Ken Silvers Silver Lotto System and Lotto Guy Lottery System. This test shows which lottery system works and which system does not work as claimed by the seller. Both systems claim to increase your odds to win any pick 5 or pick 6  lottery game, including Powerball and Mega Millions. This lottery system reviews will show the better system to use.

This is not our test, this is a test we found on another site. When the purchased silver lotto system it arrived as a lottery E-Book which cost $39.95 (at that time). It took about three days to hit the Email in box. Because the lottery E-Book took so long to arrive this person decided to E- mail Ken Silver as thought something was wrong. This person Emailed him over and over but received no replies back.

This person then tried ClickBank as this is who he sold through at the time, to see about a getting a refund. Click-Bank did reply and said they do not honor refunds on lottery or gambling products. Would need to contact Ken Silver personally. This was very crappy news, then the system finally did arrive in the persons email.

Silver Lotto System Failed To Get Wins

The Silver Lotto System was tried  for one month. Playing the chosen lotto numbers each week for a total of 8 plays of ten lines of numbers costing $160 for the month in total. This person did not win. Or even hit 3 lotto numbers of all the tickets played. ken Silver advertises you will hugely increase your odds to win. Winning 98% of the time you play. I know that this is all false, just hype to sell. Well, he is a marketer and he uses typical shady marketing techniques, which is just lies!

Now lets move on to the Lotto Guy Lottery system. This lotto system costs $19.95 and it was sent to the persons Email in box with in a few hours after purchase. They send it manually. This person actually Emailed them with a few questions after buying the system. The person was very surprised to have received a fast reply from their support. They answered all the questions asked, showing their support was very good.

This person tested out the Lotto Guy Lottery System system out for a month period. Exactly the same as was done with the silver lotto system. The first week did not receive any wins, the second week played hit two wins, a 3 lotto numbers and a 4 lotto numbers winning lottery tickets. The third week hit three wins. The fourth week hit two more wins, both wins were three number wins. This was looking very good, to see consistent smaller wins.

Lotto Guy System Hit More Wins

This is exactly what they say on their site. Their lottery system works great at hitting small tier wins. This lottery system is a three-step lottery formula system. follow the directions given and it seems to work great for about 75% of the lottery players who use. This was just a fast test and if done using more lottery tickets. Surely the Lotto Guy Lottery System when have produced even better lotto winning results.

This was an official test on these two lottery systems done by a real person, not a fake marketer. You can see the real out come here. When a silly system is up against a legit real lottery system such as the highly respected Lotto Guy Lottery system. It is no wonder this excellent system is helping winning lottery games for real. It is the ONLY true lottery system developed by real techs. Not by a silly marketer or publisher claiming to be a lottery expert. Or a false professor as with other silly systems like Win Lotto Systems, Formula 1 lotto ETC.

The whole point here is to use a real legit lotto system. Then you will get real lottery winning success much easier! No system can guarantee results, but definitely some work much better than others, it’s a solid fact!

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Lotto Cash Machine System Review

The Lotto Cash Machine System is a lottery system that has made some big winning claims, but is it for real? The Lotto Cash Machine System has been around now for years and boasts a 48.7% chance to win the lottery every time you play using the system. This 48.7% we noticed sounds very familiar to another lottery system called the Lotto Black Book, which also very mysteriously boasts the same 48.7% chance to win the lottery every time you play. Is the Lotto Cash Machine just a revised copycat system of the silly now reported useless Lotto Black Book System?

The Lotto Black Book and the Lotto Cash Machine System are now believed both developed and sold by the same person which is just a marketer, not a lottery expert. Both systems have shown they do not win lotteries and they both have tons of false advertising surrounding the system. All of these types of lotto systems guarantee big win rates but they do not deliver as advertised, they do not win the lottery, so just be aware of this up dated information.

There are no real winners using this Lotto Cash Machine, all of the good Lotto Cash Machine Reviews about this system are written by the many affiliates who sell the systems to earn a commission and they definitely mislead you on the truth. Never buy a lottery system that has an affiliate program to sell it, as those types of systems are generally made up and sold by shady Marketers to make fast cash for themselves. It is basically all a scheme to make money, will not help you win lottery games as they claim. There are many other lottery systems just like the Lotto Cash Machine System being reported to NOT to do as they advertise, meaning, No lottery winners, does Not work as claimed, No guaranteed refunds, many fake testimonials etc, so please take note of this and pass it on to others as they need to be informed.

Many of these lottery systems report winners from many lotteries such as California Lottery, Florida Lottery, Arizona Lottery, Australian Lottery, New York Lottery, Colorado Lottery and so on, but there are no lottery winners to be found, all found out to be false! There are only a few real good lottery systems out there not developed and sold by Marketers and that do in fact have very good reviews by real lottery winners. Those are the systems you should be using to better your chances to win easier. If you take a look at the latest best winning lottery system poll results, you can see for yourself which systems are really best to use.

We would highly recommend choosing a system from at least the first two to possibly three best winning systems. The Lotto Guy Lottery System is now regarded as the top winning lottery system in the world, and really should be your first system to use to better your odds to win the lottery.

It would cost you a small fortune to try out all the so-called best lottery systems such as the Lotto Cash Machine System Review etc, so you must be careful, do not fall victim to silly false lottery systems with far-fetched scenario’s that suck you in, take a wise plan of action to avoid to good to be true systems and only use the ones that actually have been verified real.


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