Lottery Circle Prediction System Review

We are exposing the real truth about the Lottery Circle Prediction System by Ace Lee. It is a false non winning lottery software system. We are very tired of seeing people being taken in daily by misleading false lottery systems. Such as the case with Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle System. Do you really believe this software system will give you a 96% win rate?

The best proven winning lotto system in the world only gives a 30% – 35% win rate and that is REAL! So how can a common store clerk as Ace Lee develop a winning lotto system that gives a huge 96% win rate? When real professionals using huge amounts of data and lottery pattern analysis can only develop a system that gives a real 30% -35% win rate? Someone is lying to YOU and his name is Ace Lee!

Test after test has proven the Lottery Circle Software system is a false winning system. The 96% win rate is a huge joke! Try about a 2% win rate at the very best for this very common type past drawn lotto numbers system. Ace Lee tells people he is a true lottery expert, when he actually is NOT. He is a very common shady Marketer selling his own poor lottery systems. Plus other useless lottery systems as an affiliate seller through Click Bank.

Do you want a system designed by a shady Marketer who lies about how good all systems he sells are? Or would you use a proven tested and highly recommended system that real lottery winners are using? I think you would use the real lottery winning system correct?

Here is the latest results from the Best winning lottery system poll. You can see where the Lottery Circle System was rated by real users votes.

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results - Winner Lotto Guy Lottery System

Lottery Circle Software System Was Voted As Very Poor System

As you can see the winning lottery system was the Lotto Guy Lottery System taking 67% of the winning votes. Second place winning system was Smart Play Lotto wheels System taking 22% of the winning votes. Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle Software System only took 1% of the votes. Which clearly proves people are NOT winning with the system and the 96% win rate is false advertising. Trying to trick or mislead people in to buying the system.

There are many fake or false reviews on the Lottery Circle system being published by affiliates. Trying to sell the system and of course will lie to get your money. About 90% of the reviews for the Lottery Circle system are completely FAKE! The 10% of real honest reviews are mixed in and hard to find. Usually pages back in Google incase you would like to view more.

What do the lottery system review sites think of the Lottery Circle System? All review sites state the lottery circle system is virtually useless. Same material found online for free! Also Ace Lee is an untrustworthy seller. He should be reported to the FTC for false advertising.

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  1. OMG! Lottery Circle is a nothing software system, all same at free websites, nothing special about this system. Seriously misleading, does not win any lottery game yet.

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