Formula 1 Lotto System – Is It a Scam YES

I cannot seriously believe people are still buying the Formula 1 Lotto System. This lotto system is just a fake marketing gimmick to sell to suckers. This lottery software system is full of lies and false advertising. Seriously, do you actually think this fake system was developed by an MIT professor named Glen Hooke? No such person exists, this is all just made up to make the system sound special.

We got a hold of this so-called winning system a little while back and ran a test on it. Just as we suspected, it fail to give any winning results. What about the claims of winning 8 out of 10 times or 8.7 times every time you play the lottery? I know of many who have tested this system and all won nothing. Where is the 8 out of 10 win rate? It sadly is just a big lie to sell a useless lottery system.

There has been a couple of different sales pages for this Formula 1 Lotto System. Both sales pages gave different advice and different claims. This was the first time the system was investigated as a big red flag popped up. It used to say the system took Glen Hooke 9 years to develop. Then on newer sales page says it took him now 27 years to develop. That’s a big difference.

Formula 1 Lotto System Caught Using Fake Testimonials And Fake Emails

This shady system is also full of totally fake testimonials and fake emails. Which was very easy for us to establish. It is very obvious the seller of this fake system is just a common shady marketer. Looking to make a fast buck from your sale and please do not fall for the 60 Day Guarantee! That is also NOT TRUE!

Almost every single article I can find about this Formula 1 Lottery System is bad. All just written by an affiliate selling the system. They always give you a link to the Formula 1 Website which will contain (hop) in the URL. This indicates it is an affiliate selling the system and will lie to make a sale. It is a well know fact! Almost every single fake lottery system such as the Formula one Lotto System, is sold through ClickBank, and guess what?

Click Bank has now banned the system. There is your huge red flag to walk away. The system is now selling through another market place, so just take note of this.  All of these silly useless lottery software systems will not win you a single penny.

Only Use Recommend Legit Lottery Systems

You will never see real legit winning lottery systems as, the Lotto Guy Lottery System or a top lottery wheeling system such as Smart Play Lotto Wheels being sold through places as ClickBank. These are real true winning lottery systems, they do not need affiliates selling them to make money. They actually win lottery games and are well respected systems. They are not lottery software systems so they are totally legit.

Here are some other bad reviews you should read I found on the Formula 1 Lotto System. 

Lottery Systems Review Group (See what the top lottery system review site says about Formula 1 Lotto System)

formula 1 lotto system exposed ( Another review site with many bad reviews on this Formula 1 Lotto System.)

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Win Big Playing The Lottery

As lottery players we all need a good set of lotto strategies to win big at playing the lottery. If you do not use a good strategy you will not have much success playing any Canadian lotto games, United States lottery games, Australian lotteries or United Kingdom lotteries etc and that is a solid fact!

Many lottery players are looking for real effective ways on how to win the lottery. They all want to make their dreams come true, to become instant lottery millionaires, and be financially stable for their future. It is quite reasonable for people to spend their time and money to play the lotteries. We all know that many of them will not win, but more often lose. If one had good strategies or techniques that can be employed in the game, you will have a much greater chance of winning the lotto.

Playing the lottery games is a must if you want to win, you cannot just win millions without participating in the actual game. If you do play you should then play to win not lose. You must be wise and only use a tested and proven strategy, or you again will fail. Using a mathematical type of method will guarantee you to win in the lottery more often than not. These methods or strategies are somewhat relevant to the lottery system that is being used in obtaining you number combinations for your lottery draws.

Types of strategies or lottery systems will vary greatly way on how they improve your odds to win the lottery. The use of lottery software systems that is especially made for lottery games, is a very common basic strategy to use as it analysis past drawn lottery numbers and tell you the frequency of how many times a number is drawn. Many lottery systems or software systems are based on this strategy, but the sad fact is, it really does not do much to help your odds to win. It works about as good as using quick picks to obtain your lottery numbers.

Most lottery systems or lotto strategies are just nonsense and do nothing to help you win. Only a few lottery systems or lotto strategies have been tested that really work well as with a system called Lotto Guy Lottery System which uses a totally different approach to increase your lotto odds to win unlike silly lottery software systems and was developed by real lottery experts. This system won best lottery system by poll votes and is quite possibly the best lottery system in the world for any pick 5 lottery game or pick 6 lottery game. You could try every lottery software system, lotto wheeling system or lottery software program out there to see what works best, but this would cost you fortune and is an unwise decision. Stick with only proven reputable systems, this is how to win the lottery.

If you choose not to use an actual lottery system, you should just play your lucky numbers or your families birth-date numbers which is a strategy that has worked for some. Winning the lotto is not easy, you really need to use the right tools for the job just as you would if working on a vehicle. Lets gamble smart and beat the lotto for a change.

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How To Hit Winning Lottery Numbers

If you have been trying to hit winning lottery numbers for a long enough time with no real results, you most likely need to be using a lottery system. There are many lottery systems on the market and most will claim they will win the lottery for you! Which of course is not true, it’s just a selling gimmick! The real truth is most of these lottery systems will never win you a single cent. They are virtually useless for winning any lottery game and give the actual good systems a bad outlook.

Using these silly lottery systems that are supposed to help you win the lottery. Only drain your bank account and put your money in the sellers own pockets. You need to start using a real legit proven lottery system. If you are ever actually going to succeed in winning the lottery.

Some of of these systems that claim they are a secret lottery winning systems. Or systems created by so called Professors or Mathematicians. Are usually in a software format and are completely useless. All just selling hype to sell a silly system. A system that does nothing much to increase your odds to win the lottery.

Lottery Products Cannot Give Guaranteed Results

They try and give you the illusion that if created by a professor, or someone who uses an extensive knowledge of mathematics. Created the system, it then must be a great winning system. This is a marketing trick just to get your money into their pockets. Do Not be fooled by guaranteed refunds. How can a lottery or gambling system guarantee refunds? Every person would go and get a refund. They would sell nothing and their sales would die out. Only trust real lottery systems that state do not give refunds as is a gambling product. Then you know the system is for real.

The only lottery system in the world that actually has a great winning track record. For winning lottery games is the highly recommended and proven effective Lotto Guy Lottery System. Poll votes and lottery Surveys taken actually confirm this as true Fact! If there is any system that comes close to being a secret winning lottery system. The Lotto Guy System is that system. It truly is designed to help you hit winning lottery numbers easier.

Only Use Legit Lottery Systems

Before buying any system check with legit lottery system review sites they are the most reputable Lottery Systems Review Group or Lottery System Reviews. To show you even more proof, that this Lotto Guy Lottery System is the best system to use to win the lottery. Here is the poll results from the lottery system poll. You can see the lottery system that won with the most votes is the Lotto Guy Lottery System. Placing it as best winning system by actual votes. Many use it for playing big lotto games such as Powerball Lotto and Mega Millions

Winning lottery games is very hard to do. Even the smaller lotto winnings are tough to hit on a consistent basis. This is why you must use a logical real lottery system that has a tested and proven strategy, that other lottery players are getting great results from. If you want to go from lottery system to lottery system, well that is totally up to you! But it will only waste your own money and time.

In the end you finally realize you need a good real winning strategy. You purchase a legit winning system as The Lotto Guy Lottery System and stick with it. You will not get better results from any other system and that is a solid Fact! That is how to hit winning lottery numbers for real. No strategy can ensure you will win lotto, but using a sensible system can definitely improve your chances.

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Picking Winning Lottery Numbers

Picking winning lottery numbers is a strategy more than it is just luck. You can pick your lottery numbers for each and every lottery draw, but if those lottery numbers are not picked in a more logical fashion, you will simply not increase your odds to win. It is a fact, most people who play the lottery tend to just pick their lottery numbers randomly, never putting much thought into it, just pick and play and hope for the best. Sorry to say using this type of method to pick and play ones lottery numbers is a losing method and will most likely never help you even come close to winning a lottery jackpot.

If you want to get serious about trying to win the lottery, you will need to change your method in which you choose your lottery numbers to play. This does mean just go and get some lottery quick picks, those give just as poor results to win as using random lottery numbers. Nothing good comes from gambling if you do not have some sort of strategy to boost or improve your odds to win. It is the best that one can do when trying to win a lottery and hit those winning lottery numbers easier. Strategy is your key to better winning success and when it comes to the lottery, the best strategy one can use and apply for better results is to use a good lottery system. A good lottery system will be designed to help you pick and or play your lottery numbers in a much smarter way.

Strategies and lottery systems can vary, some work much better than others, this is just common sense. Systems usually found in software format will give you your numbers to play, but just think about it, where are those kinds of systems getting those numbers from? The answers is from two sources. The first source is they are giving you random lottery numbers, as you will never know the difference, or secondly they are giving you hot and cold numbers straight off of whichever main lottery game website, hence why it is in software format. The secret here is those numbers are actually very easy and free to go and get yourself, no need to pay for it. There are better systems and strategies that will not be in software format, these we call the real lottery systems and will give you the best results at increasing your chances to win the lottery. Just know that no strategy or lottery system can guarantee winning results, they can only increase your odds to win easier.

Now you know that using plain old random lottery numbers and or lottery quick picks are going to give you the worst odds at hitting lottery winning numbers. It is up to you to decide if you want to play the lottery in a more serious smarter fashion. Picking winning lottery numbers for better winning success is as easy as switching over to a better strategy. Check out the sites we have put below, these sites will help you see which strategies/lottery systems are the better ones to use. Use a good system the first time around will save you time and money.

Lotto Guy Lottery System Formula Works

Lotto Guy Lottery System Is It A Good System

Lottery Group

Lottery Systems Review Group

Lotto Luck

Lotto Guy Lottery System Proven Lottery Results

No other lottery system even comes close to the outstanding winning results the Lotto Guy Lottery System formula can produce. If you play the lottery, this lottery system is a verified true winning system. It really does give proven lottery winning results! This is not just an opinion, there is solid proof this system is very worthwhile to use. Many lottery winners do in fact use it and have posted positive Lotto Guy Lottery System Reviews.

Forget about silly lottery systems that make ridiculous big winning claims such as 47% to 98% win rates. This is simply not the truth. Systems such as The Lotto Black Book (now vanished as was a scam), Lottery Circle Software ( caught using false name and false advertising). Also Silver Lotto System (Labeled Shady System), Lotto Master Formula, Lottery Crusher (false advertising). Also Mark Bower Lottery System (now vanished as was a scam), Beat The Lotto, Lotto Cash Machine, Formula 1 Lotto System (Using fake names etc), Win Lotto Systems (banned from clickbank for shady activity). Plus many, many others are simply fake!

These types of lotto systems are generally sold by plain old marketers. Through places such as Click Bank, JVZoo etc. This is so they can have affiliates sell their systems for commissions, which earns them sales profits as well. This is really how they make fast cash, not by winning any lotteries. They do not do as they advertise. It is just a marketing scheme to put fast cash in their pockets from you!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Is A No Nonsense Formula

Now that we have weeded out a few of the silly lotto systems. The Lottery systems that I and many others recommend according to a recent poll vote taken is the Lotto Guy Lottery System. The Lotto Guy Lottery System is an outstanding system. It was voted best lottery winning system out of many so-called top systems. Which is very solid proof of a legit winning system.

You will not find this real winning system selling through places that allow affiliates to sell for commissions. No, this system does not need that type of nonsense, it really wins lottery games. When you see a Lotto Guy Lottery System Review that states the system is a good system to use. You know they are for real as no affiliates are promoting the system. So no need to lie you see? As is the case with many other systems on the market.

To back up what I am telling you about the Lotto Guy Lottery System. Being a top real legit winning system. Just take a peak at the latest poll results showing which lottery systems real winners voted as best to use.

Lotto Guy Lottery System Received The Highest Votes

Poll results do not lie. The system that received the highest votes was in fact the Lotto Guy Lottery System. Will you win the jackpot using this superior system? Most likely not as the odds are very high to win any lottery jackpot. But of course your odds to win will increase, so it is possible. Will you win smaller to medium lottery winning number winnings? Yes most likely as this is what this Lotto Guy Lottery System is highly known for. The system seriously increases your chances to hit the smaller to medium wins. Do not forget these wins can add up fast to substantial winnings for you.

If you are going to play the lottery, it is a very wise decision to play smarter. Which of course is to use a proven winning strategy such as a top winning lottery system. The recommendation is, use the best winning lottery system you can get. This should be first on your list of improving your odds to win the lottery.

As you see by the proof presented. The top winning system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System. The next best winning system which is completely a different system. Is Smart Play Lotto Wheels, which is certainly a very good system to consider as well. Also the Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels System can in fact be used together if desired. Which will only boost your win rates even higher. That is the real scoop on lottery systems. The rest is up to you to decide what is best to use for you.

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Lottery Wheeling Systems Win The Lottery Easier

The fact is, a lottery wheeling system will allow you to win the lottery easier. But make sure you use a legit non software type system. The main thing about using a lottery wheeling system is, to only use one that is non software. Also must be set up with good pattern wheels. Most all wheeling systems you find for free are generally very poor.

Hence why they are free you see? Even most lottery wheeling systems that you must purchase are not much better. So choose your wheeling system wisely. Using a good tested and proven lottery wheeling system is the only way to go. The hard part is to know which ones to use, this is where we come in.

For many lottery players lottery wheeling systems are the best to use. They are generally very easy to use as well. The main point we would like to point out. Is never bother with lottery wheels that are in software format and give you your numbers to play. Those types of systems are not going to help you much to win. They are mostly just gimmicks. They give you numbers to play by two sources. Random numbers which is useless. And numbers straight off of lottery statistic websites. Such as for Powerball, Mega Millions and so on which is free for all to get, so do not be fooled.

Good Legit Lottery Systems Will Not Be In Software Format

Good lottery wheeling systems will not be in software format and will usually give you strategy along with system to help you chose your numbers to put into the wheels. Systems such as this are very hard to come by, as most systems are just made up to sell fast to make seller money, not you! We will recommend and show you proof as to which lottery wheeling system will give you the best results possible. Check out the best lottery system poll results below, see which lottery systems real users voted on as giving them best results, then just use one of those systems.

Official Winning Lottery System Poll Results for 2013

Official Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

After studying the poll results you see that the top winning lottery system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System. Which is a very good system and is highly recommended by many. But we are focusing on lottery wheeling systems and Smart Play Lotto Wheels is the next best winning lottery system. You see this by looking at the poll.

This is the system that would be great for all interested in using a lottery wheeling system. As it is easy to use, yet very effective. The Smart Play Lotto Wheels system is in basic format. Plus gives strategy to help chose numbers to put into the wheels. Also some extra win rate boosting strategy is revealed. All in all, a great tested and proven winning system.

If You Are Going To Play The Lottery You Might As Well Play Smarter

Of course which system you decide to use is up to you! The main thing is to use a system. As it is the only tool designed to actually help increase your chances to win the lottery easier. And that my friends is a proven fact! If you are going to play the lottery, you may as well play smarter and win a little easier!

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How To Win Texas Lottery Winning Strategy

Playing Texas Lottery and need to know how to win Texas lottery winning numbers. Is there really a winning strategy or winning lottery tips you should be using? I hear this quite often when it comes to playing the Texas Lottery games. Like Texas Lotto, Texas Lottery Powerball and Texas Mega Millions. We are always eager to hear successful lotto players stories. Recently have heard many regarding a winning strategy for the Texas Lottery games.

Do you ever win playing these big lottery games? It is a well established fact that changing your regular losing strategy is key. Playing the Texas lottery games as Texas Powerball is a worthwhile venture. You simply cannot use random lottery numbers and expect to win much. Big lottery winners already know this to be true. While the majority of lottery players are blind to this fact.

Fake Lottery Systems Claiming To Crack The Code

There are many types of lottery systems claiming to have finally cracked the code to win the lottery. This in their lottery books and software systems. Sadly the honest truth is most are lies or complete garbage and will win you nothing! We have been investigating lottery systems for well over 3 years. We have only found 2 systems that were tested and approved to be legit winning systems for the Texas Lottery. Both of these authentic lottery systems have in fact won Texas Lotto, Texas Powerball and Texas Cash 5, more than once. So the track record for winning Texas Lottery games is very high and would be a wise choice to use.

The two best tested and proven systems are the Lotto Guy Lottery System . Plus top ranked lottery wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. We have found many Texas Lotto winners using the Lotto Guy System with very good results. Two of these lottery players hit 6 out of 6 winning Texas lotto numbers and became instant Texas millionaires. Now that’s how to win Texas Lotto! The Lotto Guy Lottery System actually is now known as the best system in the world. This after winning a best lottery system poll, taking most of the votes for best winning system.

Lottery System Poll Shows Results To Which Lottery System Is Best

Update! You can now also see which lottery systems are recommended by the newest best winning lottery system poll results below. Looks like the best winning system is still the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which is really no big surprise, the system is that good!

These lottery system polls are very major solid proof of a good winning lottery systems. As it simply cannot be faked like lottery testimonials (90% of all testimonials are fake). If you are going to play the Texas lottery games for real. you should really arm yourself with the proper gambling tools that really work. Such as a good lottery system that can seriously increase your odds to win. People listen up! It really is the smart way to play Texas Lotto or any other Texas Lottery game!

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Texas Lottery Winner

Lottery System Black List – Bad Lottery Systems

Before you try any lottery system please take a look at our Black List of bad lottery systems that have been reported by many people as useless systems. These systems do not do as advertised, containing fake testimonials, fake photo’s of winners lottery cheques, sold through ClickBank thus having affiliates selling system which is very bad as will be many fake reviews.

Most lottery systems being sold promise big win rates, but in reality deliver nothing. Many lottery system sellers are actually just marketers who made-up a silly useless lottery system, added a fake scenario, a few fake photo’s of winners cheques, fake testimonials, and then to top it off, tell you they offer a 60 Day Full Refund, which is fake also as ClickBank will not honor a 60 Day Refund on lottery systems or gambling products, a very sneaky trick these marketers love to use as it sucks people in, then they find out the lottery system is garbage and NO REFUND! Update: Many of this poor lottery systems now have been banned from clickbank, possibly now selling through other marketplaces as JVZoo etc so take note.

About 90% or so of all lottery systems are useless. There are only a few good reputable systems that can actually assist you in winning easier, those are the ones you need to be using.

Here is the Black List of poor lottery systems in our opinion you should avoid!

  • Lottery Circle software ( seller Ace Lee)
  • Mark Bower Lottery System ( Marketer)
  • Lottery Method System ( seller Ace Lee)
  • The Inverted Lottery System
  • How To Win Pick 6 ( seller Ace Lee)
  • Win Lottery Pool ( seller Ace Lee)
  • Lottery Wheel System ( seller Ace Lee)
  • Silver Lotto System (seller Ken Silver)
  • Silver Lotto Pro (seller Ken Silver)
  • Lotto 80 System (seller Ken Silver)
  • Lotto Cash Machine (marketer)
  • The Lotto Black Book (marketer)
  • Formula 1 Lotto System (marketer)
  • Lottery Crusher
  • Lottery Phenomenon (marketer)
  • Lotto Master Formula (marketer)
  • Lottery Dominator (marketer)
  • Smart Luck Lottery Wheels ( seller Gail Howard)
  • Lottery Winning Formula (marketer)
  • Winning Lotto Strategies (marketer)
  • Beat The Lotto ( seller Paul Connor)
  • Lottery Wizard ( ?)
  • Win Lotto Systems
  • Lotto Strategies For Winners ( marketer)
  • Lottery Audit Software ( marketer)
  • Lotto Sorcerer ( ?)
  • Lottery Harvester (marketer)
  • Chris Malcolm Lottery System (marketer poss Ace Lee)
  • Lotto Puppeteer (marketer)

WOW! This poor lottery system or Black List is getting very large and I am missing many of them see more at Lotto System Reviews – The Truth! There are only a few legit reputable lottery system around why? A real lottery system will be developed by real techs, or using real data feed into software to obtain real analysis to put together a good system, this is very hard to do, you cannot do this without equipment and lots of data. Most poor systems are in software format only because they simply take the hot and cold drawn numbers straight off of main lottery game websites, which anybody can do for free, no need to pay for this poor info.

The only lottery systems we can ONLY recommend are Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels, two very different lottery systems, but both deliver serious win rate and have many good non fake reviews.

Here are a few more legit lottery system review sites you can also browse:

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Silver Lotto System or Lotto Guy Lotto System Test Results

Here is an excellent lottery system review or test between two well-known lottery systems. Ken Silvers Silver Lotto System and Lotto Guy Lottery System. This test shows which lottery system works and which system does not work as claimed by the seller. Both systems claim to increase your odds to win any pick 5 or pick 6  lottery game, including Powerball and Mega Millions. This lottery system reviews will show the better system to use.

This is not our test, this is a test we found on another site. When the purchased silver lotto system it arrived as a lottery E-Book which cost $39.95 (at that time). It took about three days to hit the Email in box. Because the lottery E-Book took so long to arrive this person decided to E- mail Ken Silver as thought something was wrong. This person Emailed him over and over but received no replies back.

This person then tried ClickBank as this is who he sold through at the time, to see about a getting a refund. Click-Bank did reply and said they do not honor refunds on lottery or gambling products. Would need to contact Ken Silver personally. This was very crappy news, then the system finally did arrive in the persons email.

Silver Lotto System Failed To Get Wins

The Silver Lotto System was tried  for one month. Playing the chosen lotto numbers each week for a total of 8 plays of ten lines of numbers costing $160 for the month in total. This person did not win. Or even hit 3 lotto numbers of all the tickets played. ken Silver advertises you will hugely increase your odds to win. Winning 98% of the time you play. I know that this is all false, just hype to sell. Well, he is a marketer and he uses typical shady marketing techniques, which is just lies!

Now lets move on to the Lotto Guy Lottery system. This lotto system costs $19.95 and it was sent to the persons Email in box with in a few hours after purchase. They send it manually. This person actually Emailed them with a few questions after buying the system. The person was very surprised to have received a fast reply from their support. They answered all the questions asked, showing their support was very good.

This person tested out the Lotto Guy Lottery System system out for a month period. Exactly the same as was done with the silver lotto system. The first week did not receive any wins, the second week played hit two wins, a 3 lotto numbers and a 4 lotto numbers winning lottery tickets. The third week hit three wins. The fourth week hit two more wins, both wins were three number wins. This was looking very good, to see consistent smaller wins.

Lotto Guy System Hit More Wins

This is exactly what they say on their site. Their lottery system works great at hitting small tier wins. This lottery system is a three-step lottery formula system. follow the directions given and it seems to work great for about 75% of the lottery players who use. This was just a fast test and if done using more lottery tickets. Surely the Lotto Guy Lottery System when have produced even better lotto winning results.

This was an official test on these two lottery systems done by a real person, not a fake marketer. You can see the real out come here. When a silly system is up against a legit real lottery system such as the highly respected Lotto Guy Lottery system. It is no wonder this excellent system is helping winning lottery games for real. It is the ONLY true lottery system developed by real techs. Not by a silly marketer or publisher claiming to be a lottery expert. Or a false professor as with other silly systems like Win Lotto Systems, Formula 1 lotto ETC.

The whole point here is to use a real legit lotto system. Then you will get real lottery winning success much easier! No system can guarantee results, but definitely some work much better than others, it’s a solid fact!

Take peek at this poll to see which systems got the most votes

Formula 1 Lotto System – Is It a Scam YES

Lotto Guy Lottery System Hot Winning Formula

Smart Play Lotto Wheeling System Wins Lotto

Lotto Guy Lottery System Good or Bad

Lotto Guy Lottery System Is It A Good System

Winning The Lottery Is Not Rocket Science

With Millions of people playing the lottery every week winning the lottery is hard, only a small portion of that group is lucky enough to win anything. What if I told you winning the lotto wasn’t just plain luck and that most lottery players who win big lotto games always use a proven lottery system or strategy.

The select few that are successful at winning lotteries like Michigan Lottery, Powerball, California Lottery, Colorado Lottery, Florida Lotto, New York Lotto, Lotto Max, Lotto 649, Georgia Lottery, etc are the ones that play with a lotto strategy or proven lotto method in mind. Simply put, the lottery players who research lotto secrets, strategies and tactics are the ones who end up making big lottery winning profits. Any successful PGA Golfer will tell you, that you need some sort of a golf training aid to play at your best. Any successful lottery winner will tell you, that you need a lottery aid as well. We call this aid or assistance, a Lottery System.

Don’t just search Google for “lottery systems” and pick the first one you see. This isn’t how you’re supposed to pick your lottery numbers and it certainly isn’t how you should pick your lottery system. With so many products on the on the Internet today, finding a legit and high-rated system can be like finding a needle in a haystack. If you’re a serious lottery player and eager to win some money, then you should know what to avoid.

Lottery software prediction systems are the most common and the least effective. They do not work. These types of systems give you hot lotto numbers (the ones drawn most frequently) and cold lotto numbers (not drawn frequently), that’s it. What’s ludicrous is that you can get this information for free in your lottery pamphlet (In Canada) or online (In the USA). What’s even more outrageous is that these systems guarantee you somewhere between a 47% and 98% win rate. Not to confuse, this means you’re supposed to win 98% of the time. It’s this kind of false advertising and rude marketing that really puts a stain on the lottery system market. Avoid systems that claim unrealistic win rates and percentages.

Additionally, avoid any system sold through places such as ClickBank payment processor that allow affiliates to sell these systems for commissions. Places that allow affiliates to sell said systems are usually home to most of the lottery system rip-offs. These are the places where all the shady marketers sell their embarrassing systems to unsuspecting people. They use sneaky tactics as the ClickBank’s 60 day money back guarantee so that more people take a risk and purchase the product, thinking they can just return it if need be. Well they fail to inform you they usually do not honor this guarantee for lottery systems or any gambling products as many have reported on various forums and so on. You’ll be paying an inflated price for a poor quality system, and you won’t likely ever get your money back if you do not like it. Real lottery systems usually have a no refund policy, as no legit lottery system can guarantee wins and would never allow affiliates to sell said system just to make money as system should win lottery games correct? Just remember that when looking at the next system to try.

Avoiding lotto systems with the characteristics of:

1. Huge but false winning guarantees and testimonials

2. Those sold through places that allow affiliates to sell the system.

Will significantly weed out the bad strategies and leave you with the ones that work very well at improving your odds to win.

Every week it seems Jackpots get bigger and bigger and thus, more and more people but tickets in hopes of winning the dream. No matter where you live you are surrounded by billboards for lotteries like – Florida Lottery, Georgia Lottery, Lotto 649, New York Lottery, Oregon Lottery, BC Lottery, Mega Millions, Powerball, California Lottery. Every Continent provides the opportunity, for as little as one dollar, to win an enormous amount of money and immediately change your life. <- It’s persuasive scenarios like this that make the average lotto player only play for the Jackpot. Forget about the $100-Million and focus on winning your money back first. Don’t purchase quick picks and let the computer choose your numbers for you.  Pick a lottery game to play that has the lowest amount of balls and numbers required to pick. So for example, a pick 5 out of 39 number game would be better to play than a pick 6 out of 49 number game. The Jackpot may be smaller but this increases your lotto odds to win and is a smart tip to follow.

A good lottery system is one that will win you small and medium amounts of money very frequently. This is where it no longer relies on just luck. You can mathematically and scientifically trim the fat off the lottery so that you are left with just the meat…the winning meat. Still caught up on the lottery Jackpot? Well here’s a scenario for you. Joe plays the lottery twice a week and spends $10. He wins a free ticket and maybe a 3 lotto numbers win four times a year. Joe loses $400-$500 a year. Joe could have hired a dog trainer and have his pet play the lottery and have the same results. Then there is Sally. Sally plays with a lottery system twice a week for $15, and wins a 4 number prize every two weeks. She wins $1000 – $20,000 a year. Sally purchased a new Ford Focus and now drives past Joe at the bus stop every morning.

Final advice: Be Sally. Get a lottery system that works.

Here are the only lottery systems recommended you should use. These systems are the highest recommended lottery products in the world today and carry the highest user ratings.

  • Smart Play Lotto Wheels: Smart Play is tested, proven and verified by many successful lotto players. This system is an easy to use, very cost-effective wheeling system. All wheels have documented lottery wins. (Best overall)
  • Lotto Guy Lottery System: Lotto Guy won ‘best lottery system’ by poll votes, beating out 15 top systems. Easy to use, cost and time effective and very accurate. Lotto Guy Lottery System has a large fan base with many pleased customers. (Very Good)

If your lottery playing beginner’s luck has worn out and you’d love to score some easy money, check out the above systems. I can’t stress how important it is to play with a strategy in hand. Your new-found mantra is: Win big, and win frequently. Adopt a winning persona with a winning lottery system. That’s how you really win the lottery!

Best of luck…but you don’t need it.


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