Silver Lotto System One Month Test

Silver Lotto System is sold by Ken Silver which claims a very high 98% win rate which simply is not real. Read our honest review on this so called great system. This is a test done on the Silver Lotto System we received from a person who tested the system and then reported the results to us.

We bought the Silver Lotto lottery system a little while back in 2010 for $39.95 and received it via e-mail about 6 days later. It arrived as an e-Book pdf, so I read through the e- book to find out his silver lotto system is just simple lottery that did not look to promising. I decided I was going play 10 lines of numbers, which I got from Ken Silver’s system. I decided to play the lottery two times per week, for a total of 8 times for the entire month.

Silver Lotto System Was A Complete Failure

According to the Silver Lotto System I should win about 98% every time I play. This cost me $160 to play the lines of numbers 8 times for the month. The first week I played the 10 lines of numbers 2 times, I did not receive any wins. The second week I played the 10 lines of numbers two times, I did not receive any wins. The third week I played the 10 lines of numbers two times, I did not receive any wins. The fourth week I played the 10 lines of numbers two times I did not receive any wins. I then decided to try one more week of the same 10 lines of numbers, but once again I did not receive any wins. I really did give the Silver Lotto System a solid fair test.

What happened to the 98% win rate? (All Hype) I do not  think I will ever use a silly lottery system like the Silver Lotto System again. I still do play the lotteries but I will continue using my favorite lucky lottery system.

Silver Lotto System Lies About Actual Win Rate

We also received a test done on Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System from another person who said he used the system for one year. He did not play with real money. He said in the one year’s time testing the system he totaled about $200 in lottery winnings and would have spent or lost well over $2400 how is that for proof of a bad system. Again where’s the 98% win rate?

We have also have tested these lottery systems and give our results/opinion.

  •  The Lotto Black Book ( Silly confusing system, no real professor, no wins)
  • Lottery Circle Software (Can get same info for free easily, poor results)
  • Mark Bower Lottery System (Won nothing, basically same system as Lotto Black Book, silly)
  • Lotto Guy Lottery System(Good wins to very good wins, does what advertises, very different unique formula system. Yes increases odds to win)
  • Lotto Cash Machine (No wins, useless senseless system)
  • Formula 1 Lotto ( Won nothing, found the exact same info system gives free they just copied from web and sold it)
  • Smart Play Lotto Wheels ( Good winning wheeling system, pretty easy to use)

Be careful when buying lottery systems as Silver Lotto System ETC. As most are useless and cost big to purchase and use. Do not count on a refund! Many people think if it says 60 refund they are safe, you would be WRONG!  

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