Win Big Playing The Lottery

As lottery players we all need a good set of lotto strategies to win big at playing the lottery. If you do not use a good strategy you will not have much success playing any Canadian lotto games, United States lottery games, Australian lotteries or United Kingdom lotteries etc and that is a solid fact!

Many lottery players are looking for real effective ways on how to win the lottery. They all want to make their dreams come true, to become instant lottery millionaires, and be financially stable for their future. It is quite reasonable for people to spend their time and money to play the lotteries. We all know that many of them will not win, but more often lose. If one had good strategies or techniques that can be employed in the game, you will have a much greater chance of winning the lotto.

Playing the lottery games is a must if you want to win, you cannot just win millions without participating in the actual game. If you do play you should then play to win not lose. You must be wise and only use a tested and proven strategy, or you again will fail. Using a mathematical type of method will guarantee you to win in the lottery more often than not. These methods or strategies are somewhat relevant to the lottery system that is being used in obtaining you number combinations for your lottery draws.

Types of strategies or lottery systems will vary greatly way on how they improve your odds to win the lottery. The use of lottery software systems that is especially made for lottery games, is a very common basic strategy to use as it analysis past drawn lottery numbers and tell you the frequency of how many times a number is drawn. Many lottery systems or software systems are based on this strategy, but the sad fact is, it really does not do much to help your odds to win. It works about as good as using quick picks to obtain your lottery numbers.

Most lottery systems or lotto strategies are just nonsense and do nothing to help you win. Only a few lottery systems or lotto strategies have been tested that really work well as with a system called Lotto Guy Lottery System which uses a totally different approach to increase your lotto odds to win unlike silly lottery software systems and was developed by real lottery experts. This system won best lottery system by poll votes and is quite possibly the best lottery system in the world for any pick 5 lottery game or pick 6 lottery game. You could try every lottery software system, lotto wheeling system or lottery software program out there to see what works best, but this would cost you fortune and is an unwise decision. Stick with only proven reputable systems, this is how to win the lottery.

If you choose not to use an actual lottery system, you should just play your lucky numbers or your families birth-date numbers which is a strategy that has worked for some. Winning the lotto is not easy, you really need to use the right tools for the job just as you would if working on a vehicle. Lets gamble smart and beat the lotto for a change.

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Win The Lottery

Secret Lotto Tips To Help You Win The Lottery

We are going to give you real Secrets Lotto Tips to help you win the lottery or what I like to call winning lottery blueprints. There are plenty of do’s and dont’s lottery tips that may give you an edge to win the lottery a little easier, but the reality of it they will not help you much, you need real secret lotto revealed that will definitely put you on the right track to winning lottery games.

First off I am going to tell you straight out! Most so-called wining lottery system are a complete waste of your money. Yes, there are real winning lotto systems that win lotto games, but for you to find these real systems is like finding a needle in a hay-stake. These are the lotto tips you should follow when looking for strategies for winning the lottery, so you do not fall victim to marketer selling bogus lottery programs, software, or material.

Secret Lotto Tips To Follow:

  1. Stop reading fake lottery system reviews and getting tricked into buying systems or lotto software that is totally useless. There are far more fake reviews than real reviews, this is where you must see the Rad Flags to tell you, this lottery system is fake. If a system is sold by affiliates, it’s a 99% fake system and will not win any lottery games no matter what hype they tell you.
  2. Stop using the silly useless lottery systems as there are not going to win you any money ever! By following step 1 above you can usually avoid most of these silly virtually useless lottery programs.
  3. You MUST start using real verified Tested and Proven winning lottery systems. These are the small group of systems that are in fact winning lottery games world-wide and are highly recommended by real lottery winners. I will show you below, real proof of which systems are real and which are hype! then all you have to do is use one of these real winning systems and stick with it!

These lottery tips guide you to real lottery winning strategies amongst the jungle full of fake lottery programs, lottery wheeling systems, lotto software systems, lottery e-books etc, which otherwise would keep buying stupid strategies or common useless strategies over and over again. I had to go though this tiring struggle myself until I found out the real winning systems and started using them, now I get real winning results easily.

Take a peek at the chart below which is the official 2013 poll results for the best winning lottery systems and you will see verified real solid proof of which systems real lottery winners voted on as having won lottery games for them. When I saw the results of this poll it blew my mind, as many of these systems that made huge claims to win lottery games were really fake nonsense systems.

Official Winning Lottery System Poll Results for 2013

Do you see the top winning system that got the highest votes? If you check out the systems that got the highest winning votes, you will find that these winning system have No Affiliates selling them, all real systems! We have the top winning system which even I use and highly recommend, the Lotto Guy System, it plain and simply works! Then we have the next best winning system, which is Smart Play Wheeling System. I know Smart Play is a very good wheeling system, very easy to use, great for people playing lotto for the first time or beginners and it actually beat out Gail Howard’s wheeling system big time. Found many Powerball winners and Mega Million winners using SMart Play. This goes to show you systems created by real lottery experts work far better than general type systems.

You now know solid lottery news to help you win the lottery, all I ask is that you post a link to this article so others may be guided to these secret lotto tips, so they can avoid the costly mistakes I and so many others have made before finding real winning strategies that work to win lotto!

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Best Lotto Tips To Win Lotteries

Most of us play the lotteries and would like some extra best lotto tips to win the lottery. Most of us like to just grab a quick pick lottery ticket as it is fast and convenient to do, but this is the wrong thing to do! Playing quick pick will give you the worst odds to win any lottery game. Picking the lottery numbers yourself is better than quick pick lottery tickets.

You could  use Hot & Cold numbers to pick your number combinations as this does increase your lotto odds a very small amount. Do not use number in a sequence such as 123456 these will very rarely ever be drawn and you will just waste your time.

The best way to improve strategy or your odds to win any lottery game is to use a reputable Tested and Proven lottery system. You must choose a system wisely as many systems promise big win rates , but do nothing to deliver results. You must stay away from known useless lottery systems sold by marketers, these only make them money not you. Some of these known tested useless systems are:

  • Silver Lotto System by Ken Silver
  • Lottery Circle Software System by Ace Lee
  • Mark Bower Lottery System by
  • The Lotto Black book by Larry Blair
  • Lotto Cash Machine
  • Formula 1 Lotto System

The only lottery system we recommend are the Lotto Guy Lottery System or Smart Play Lotto Wheels. These two lottery system are known for producing very good results and should be your first choice to increase your odds to win any lottery game worldwide. Both systems have many reported winners using them for lotteries like Powerball, Florida Lotto, Australian Lotto, UK Lotto, South African Lotto, U.S Lotteries etc.

Lotto Winning Strategies

Win The Lottery

Winning The Lotto Using New Strategy

You ask How Can I Win The Lotto games as Powerball, Mega Million, Ca Lottery, PA Lottery, NY Lottery, Ga Lottery, AZ Lottery, VA Lottery, Florida Lottery. This question has many answers as play more lottery tickets helps winning the lotto, learn more about lotto then pick the lotto game with the best lotto odds to win and the best answer is use a lottery strategy that works!

To hit lotto winning numbers and really winning the lotto is not hard to accomplish if you know how to do it. This applies for all lottery games world-wide. Eventually all intelligent lottery players will turn to a lottery strategy like a lottery system. Not all systems work the same way and they all give different results, most lottery systems are just hype and will not improve your chance of winning the lotto. Instead of recommending 1 or two lottery system to try separately, I am going to give you the latest secret winning strategy that is winning lottery games all over the world. Now this will only work for Pick lottery games and Pick 6 lottery games, not pick 3, or pick 4 lotto games.

The best tested and proven effective lottery strategies is to use two lottery systems together, as they will explode your lotto winning numbers through the roof! The systems you want to use are Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels (same developer for both systems). These systems when used together have hit 5 lottery numbers over and over again and have won many lottery jackpots world-wide. Separately each  system works great, but when used together they are very, very powerful! As a matter of fact, there is no lotto system in the world that can match the winning power of this strategy.

To use  these lottery systems together to work as a team is very easy. You start with the lotto guy lottery system to obtain your best lottery numbers you are going to play. You will play those lines of lottery numbers separately and you will put those same lottery numbers into one or more of the lottery wheels you choose to play in the Smart Play Wheeling system. When you calculate lottery odds of winning or your lotto odds, it is now increase dramatically to about 50% and you will get multiple winnings, not just one win at a time. A lottery player who tested this new strategy plays the Florida Lotto and used this exact strategy and won with-in 6 months just over $12,000 by hitting two lines of 5 lottery numbers winning just over $6,000 each lotto draw. He could not believe he had really won and it was all because he used this proven lotto strategy and not his usual random numbers which won him nothing in years of play the lotto.

This is the newest and best lottery winning strategy in the world, the next part is up to you, how bad do you want to win the lottery?

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