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All lottery systems are designed to Beat The Lottery and most claim to predict lottery numbers for a price, but never seem to work as advertised. Most lottery prediction systems or best lotto systems simply fail to win the lotto. There are now a ton of lottery prediction systems in all forms, as software systems, pdf download, lottery books or lottery e-books, even dream lottery numbers etc So which systems actually work! This is very confusing as most sellers of these so called best lottery software systems are actually lying to you! I will show you which systems to avoid and which system have been determined to be legit winning lotto systems that produce real lottery results.

I want to tell you straight out, any lottery system that can be sold by affiliates or has affiliates selling them are a potential very high risk for being a poor, non usable system full of nonsense and false advertising, especially if it is a lottery software type system. Think about it, if the lotto system worked as great as it is advertised, it would not need any affiliates to sell it, the seller/developer would already be rich from their system. Sadly there are only 2 verified real legit tested and proven systems that fall into this category, which I will reveal later in the article.

There are about 40 lotto analysis software systems or lottery programs that claim will win the lotto for you. Some examples of these systems are Beat Lottery, Lottery Slayer, Lotto 007 XP 2012, Winning Lottery Lines, Win-Track, The Player’s Lottery, Lottonet Integra xpo1, Lottery Crusher, Lottery Winning Formula, Formula 1 Lotto, Lottery Cash Software, VK’S Winning Lottery Method, Lottery Circle, and tons more, but you see what I am saying. These systems have all been looked into and found to be not truthful, full of false advertising, and some down right pure junk copied from other pure junk lottery systems.

There are absolutely NO proven winners who have used and won big with these poor lotto systems. I know some of these systems have awesome lottery testimonials which are supposed to grab your attention, then your money. Never believe these testimonials, when thoroughly checked for being real, they always turn up false.

You still need to use a good system if you want real lottery results. Every time you purchase a lottery ticket, you want all lottery numbers you are playing to have an increased chance to win and this can only occur by using a well proven super lotto system. Now for some good lottery news! here are the best lotto systems for Pick 5 and Pick 6 lottery games. The Lotto Guy Lottery System which was designed by the best lottery software available and put into a very unique 3 step system/formula that seriously has beat the lotto many times over for lucky users of the system. The same system is the 2012 lottery system poll winner for best lottery system that gives results, see poll results below.

The poll was out of 15 top systems and the winner was the Lotto Guy Lottery System with 83% of the votes, so you have solid proof that others actually win using this system and there are No affiliates selling this rock solid winning system why? The sellers/developers are for real and use their own system to win. The same seller/developers off the Lotto Guy Lottery System now sell the worlds best lottery wheeling system (non software) that has the highest lottery game winning track record called Smart Play Lotto wheels. Again, No affiliates can sell their systems, they are for real and they have been tested and proven by many users to actually win lottery games.

Playing the lottery is serious stuff for many players and obtaining the best lottery numbers to beat the lotto game they are playing is of the utmost importance! You now have passed winning the lottery 101 class, get out there and win!

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