Lottery Circle Exposed!

Ace Lee’s lottery software prediction system Lottery Circle, does not do as advertised and is nothing special, just hype! Ace lee claims his Lottery Circle system has a 96% win rate which is a total lie, do not for this misleading advertising and you can get the same information the Lottery Circle gives you for FREE! at lottery statistic websites, but you still will only get about a 2% win rate which is very poor.

Ace Lee is a lottery system seller and marketer, he sells a few different lottery systems such as Lottery Circle Prediction Software, Lottery Pool, Lottery Wheel System, How To Win pick 6, How To win Pick 5, and Lottery Method. Ace Lee says he was a lottery retailer and this is why you should trust him. Ace Lee also  claims he a lottery expert. Ok, Just because your a lottery retailer, meaning he worked in a convenience store  does not make you a lottery expert in anyway shape or form. I know other people that worked in convenience stores, and they are not lottery experts. This is just Ace Lee’s selling gimmick. All of his lottery systems have bad reviews, except when the review is written by Ace Lee, or an affiliate selling his systems for commission.
I am on various lottery forums daily and I have yet to find  even one single person including myself who has won anything with his useless Lottery Circle system or any other system he that he sells. If Ace Lee really believes his systems are the best, why does he sell other lottery systems as an affiliate through ClickBank? He even claims each of these systems is the best and you should use them, as he recommended it, which is very sad as Ace Lee must know these crap systems are scams or totally useless, he does care about you, just your money.

 There a quite a few complaints against Ace Lee and his systems. Did you know everything Ace Lee sells is on the Internet for free! What a lottery expert he is just copy stuff from the Internet and sell it to us fools. While the very common method of using past drawn numbers or hot and cold lottery numbers has been proven over and over to give about a 2% win rate, ace Lee says by some kind of special knowledge his Lottery Circle system will win 96% of the time, what a joke this guy is.

 If you really want to use past drawn numbers, just go to your lottery game official statistic website and get it free! Do not believe the hype of these lottery systems like Lottery Circle, Lottery Audit, Lottery Crusher, Silver Lotto, Lotto Buster, Lotto Sorcerer, ABC Lottery Software, plus many others, they all sell the same crap.

If you want a solid verified tested and proven reputable lottery system for winning any pick 5 or pick 6 lottery game, you need one of these two systems Lotto Guy Lottery System or Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both systems will give you excellent win rates and have been Tested and Proven to give real lottery winning results. No Hype, No Garbage, No B.S, both systems are highly recommended by many serious lottery players and legit lottery review sites see Lottery Systems Review Group.

Look at this forum about Ace Lee and his Lottery Circle (all bad reviews) as these are from real people who tried his system. Read the many comments and complaints at bottom of article, then you will see what Ace Lee is really about.

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